Running's rules 2024

 48 hours, 24 heures, 12 heures : Running open to individual runners and walkers (without stick) of seniors and veterans categories, FFA (French Athletics Federation)-licensed and non-licensed.

 To register, the registration’s form must be filled and completed with a copy of valid license or a medical certificate of less than one year specifying the nature of this running. The running’s fees shall be paid at the bib number’s delivery.



The running’s circuit will be around 1 kilometer long and will be entirely closed to traffic. The exact length of the circuit will be known the day of the running.  

48 hours : The start of the running will be on Friday, october 4  at 10 am.

24 hours : The start of the running will be on Saturday, october 5, at 10 am.

12 hours : The start of the running will be on Saturday, october 5,  at 8.30 am. 


The arrival will be judged on Saturday, october 5,  at 8.30 pm for the 12 hours’ running and on Sunday, October 6,  at 10 am for the two others.



The civil liability of the organizers is covered by a police of insurance from the company GENERALI France.  The FFA licensed benefit from the guarantees granted by the individual FFA license’s insurance.  The not license holders must make sure to have personal insurance. The organizers disclaim all liability in case of any accident, loss or damage caused by bad health conditions.  



Championships electronic chips (or similars) will be used on each lap of the circuit.



The bib numbers shall be collected at the place of the running (Stadium of Honor of Royan) :

48 hours : on thursday, october 3  from 5 pm to 7 pm and on Friday, october 4  from 7 am.

24 hours  and  12 hours  : on friday,october 4,  (except mealtimes) and on saturday, october 5,   from 7 am 


The bib number must be worn visibly on the chest for all the duration of the running.   



-      A table of supplies (water, coca cola, orange juice, fruits, salted snack…) for all the competitors for all the running and a  soup for the night.


 -   From 7 am till 9  am : breakfast with coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, butter, jam, bread, cereals, butter croissants…

 -   From 12 am till  14 pm : lunch with entrance, main dish, cheese and desert

 -   From 7 pm till 9 pm : dinner with entrance, main dish, cheese and desert

It is up to the competitors, if they wish, to bring extra food for the remaining time.



48 hours : 100 € until June 30,   and 105 € until September 21,   

24 hours : 65 € until June 30,   and 70 € until September 21,  

12 hours : 50 € until June 30,   and 55 € until September 21.

The price includes the contribution of the organization’s costs, the supplies provided during the running, a gift, a bottle of Pineau, breakfast,  lunches, dinners, a picture and a diploma.   



By participating in the running, you expressly allow the organizers to take pictures and videos of you during the running and to use, reproduce and publish these pictures and videos in any form and medium in order to promote the 48, 24 and 12 hours of Royan. Therefore, you agree to give up your image and privacy rights for the purpose.



In case of Force Majeure, natural disaster ou any other circumstance putting at risk the competitors, the organizers reserves the right to cancel the running without the competitors being entitled to claim any compensation.



 Doctors and physiotherapists will ensure health assistance for all the running.



48  and 24 hours :

On Sunday, October 6,  at 10 am, the competitors will have to stop as soon as they heard the whistle signal and wait for a member of the staff organization to record the bib number.

12 hours :

On Saturday, october 5,  at 8.30 pm, the competitors will have to stop as soon as they heard the whistle signal and wait for a member of the staff organization to record the bib number.


An individual scratch ranking for runners and walkers of each running (48, 24 and 12 hours), men and women.

A cup or a trophy will be awarded to the top four competitors of the individual scratch, runners and walkers.   Surprise for every competitor.

A picture and diploma showing the rank and the number of kilometers covered will be sent by mail to every competitor.

The prize-giving of the 12 hours will be made following yhe race.


Showers and WC at the Stadium of Honor of Royan (gymnasium).

A common space will be made available for the resting area.  Provide your own equipment (camp bed, small mattress, sleeping bag…).

Car/caravan park next to the stadium.